Kenan Music
Administrative and Finance Director
Kenan Ibrahimović
Head of Programming 
Amer Asceric
Program, content and creative producer
Mirza Custovic
Assistant to the Festival Director 
Kerim Poturak
Program Sector
Kenan Music, Selector of OFF Generation Features and OFF Retrospective
Ado Hasanović, OFF Shorts Selector
Stevan Filipović, OFF Screen
Denis Samardžić, UNA FIlm, Advisor for OFF Screen and OFF Generation Features
Mirza Čustović, Podcasts
Dženan Esko, Program Coordinator
Production Sector
Andrej Bačić, Executive producer
Stefan Tomić, Executive producer
Ensar Korjenić, Executive Producer Youth Theatre and Festival Square
Benjamin Konjicija: Production Assistant

Marketing and Sponsorships
Kenan Musić, Head of Marketing and Sponsorships
Teo Žigić, Sponsors Coordinator
Nedžad Podžić Marketing Manager
IT, Technology, Ticketing
Faris Sačić, Head of sector
Dennis Pasveer, Advisor (Filmchief)
OFF Pro Film Market
Hanis Begashov, Head of the Industry program
Press Office
Slađan Tomić, Head of the Media Office
Mario Ilić, Editor in Chief for photo and video, Star portraits coordinator
Kana Čustović, Social Media Manager
Ahmed Avdagić, Photographer
Nikola Rakita, Photographer
Ervin Golubović, OFF Daily video reports
Guest office
Adna Čelik, Head of Hospitality and Protocol
Luka Rill, Assistant to the Head of Hospitality
VIP protocol: Tina Perović, Maksim Jovanović, Džejla Vranj, Luka Ril
Protocol team: Nikša Radonić, Danis Skrobanović, Darian Okuka
Events and Supply
Nedžad Podžić, Booking manager, OFF Music
Sabahudin Arapović, Event coordinator, Supply Manager
Ali Šehoviić, Festival Party Street Coordinator
Mirza Celik, head of transport
Mersad Celik, transport
Kenan Musić, Programmer
Mirza Čustović, Acquisition and Coordination

Ali Šehović, Operator
Kemal Hodžić, Operator
Ahmed Avdagić, Editor
Print and publications
Koverta Lux
Design and creative solutions
IDEOLOGIJA doo Sarajevo
Enisa Osmanović, Head of Accounting 
Production and Technical Support
BMS doo Sarajevo
Rezolucija doo Zagreb
Tapas doo Zenica
Pal-e 2.3.
Balon Dekor Sarajevo
MIBO Communications
IT Solutions and OFF Service Portal and System
Filmchief (ThisWayUp Netherlands)
Official Security Agency
Telemach Omladinski Film Festival Sarajevo is a member of CINEA Entertainment Group.
Telemach OFF and OFF, together with OFF +, CINEA Film, CINEA Music, OFF Talents and Pixel4k, are trade marks of CINEA Entertainment Group owned by Amiterm doo Sarajevo.