Talha Berkay BAS

21.07.2023. 14:00
Pozorište Mladih



Glavne uloge
Merve Alkis, Serhat Alkis

Hulya Uguz Bas, Orhan Kocak, Ugur Deniz Terzioglu

Zahiraah who is a documentarist gets on Adem’s taxi to shoot an incident that is happening at the border gate. They begin to talk about irregular immigrants. When they arrive at the border gate, they encounter with a horrifying scene. 22 naked men, some of whom are dead, are being watched by several journalists at the border gate. In the mean time, some of the refugees try to tell something to the local police officers. However, nobody knows Pashto language. Adem hears one of the refugees speak Persian and approaches them to translate the dialogues. Police put the other refugees, 16 of them are dead, into a tiny truck and set off to the hospital. Adem wants Zaahirah to drive the car on the way back. Zaahirah continues taking pictures while driving. As they continue their argument on the refugees, something unexpected happens.