"17 Rosen für Emma"

Anna Niebert

20.07.2023. 14:00
Pozorište Mladih



Glavne uloge
Emilia Maier, Felix Nölle, Gabriel Kowak

Isabella Müller de Paula, Marisa Möhrke

It’s Valentine’s Day at Finja‘s school, and this year, the fifteen-year old is responsible for delivering roses and letters to the other students. Everything goes to plan until, at the last minute, her little brother Malte hands her one final letter – to a male classmate.

Finja struggles: Should she support her brother? Or is it better to save him the risk of being ridiculed and ostracized? – In the classroom, she decides to fully have Malte’s back and she hands over his letter. Everything seems to work out fine.

Malte’s plan doesn’t come to fruition, though; he has not signed the letter. Although his crush reads it, he mistakenly thinks it came from Emma, the most popular girl in class who actually got sent 17 roses this year. For Malte, this is the first tragic heartbreak in his life.

For Emma, too, Valentine’s Day doesn’t go over too well: The guy she is interested in didn’t send her a rose either, and she must accept that the world might not be as rose-tinted as she thought before.

At the end of the school day, when the siblings meet each other in the restroom once again, they consolidate each other over their heartbreaks. For both, there remains only one disenchanting conclusion: Valentine’s Day sucks.