OFF Pro - Work in progress

OFF Pro Industry Days - 8 work in progress projects selected for main pitching. Available co-production fund is 4.000 EUR

The projects selected for this year's co-production market of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival are:

  1. Tomorrow we will buy fish/Sara Ristić/Bosnia-Herzegovina
  2. FOMO/Mirnes Rašljanin/Bosnia-Herzegovina
  3. Noodles that I couldn't finish eating/Mina Vavan/Bosnia-Herzegovina
  4. Rupa/Danilo Stanimirović/Serbia
  5. La Seconda Adolescence di F./Tommaso Frangini/Italy
  6. Deceptive/Denis Davitkovski/North Macedonia
  7. I will never forget/Mirela Salihović, Karlo Gagulić/BiH, Croatia
  8. 8th Floor/Murat Zherka/North Macedonia

All projects will be presented to the program jury at the pitching event, which will be held as part of the OFF Pro Industry Days.

The best project will receive financial support, i.e. co-production funds for the continuation of the project, while the second and third best projects will receive support in the form of script development or support for post-production.

The amount of co-production funds per project can be allocated in the range of EUR 500 - EUR 4,000.