OFF Pro Indsutry Days

OFF Pro Industry Days is program held as part of every edition of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival and is composed of several sub-programs - OFF Script Hub, OFF Talents, OFF Pitching: Shorts and OFF Pitching: Docs.

OFF Pro represents a unique hub for young authors from all over Europe and the opportunity to present their projects that are in development or finished projects, and to meet and work with some of the top film professionals from all over the world.

OFF Pro aims to empower new filmmakers, with their debut or new projects, giving them the chance to achieve a number of benefits through the Festival's industry programs.

In 2023, OFF Industry days will be held from July 19-22. within the Goethe Institute Industry House.

In 2023, OFF Pro will present 8 work in progress projects and 10 young actresses and actors in OFF Talents program.