Tickets for the 15th Sarajevo Youth Film Festival can be purchased at Tickets for all Festival programs can also be purchased at the Festival's BOX Office centers.


Tickets for the 15th Sarajevo Youth Film Festival can be purchased at Tickets for all programs of the Festival can also be purchased at the BOX Office centers of the Festival, which is located in front of the Sarajevo Youth Theater. Tickets can be purchased at all cinema locations before the film screenings.


Poli Open Air Cinema Gimnazijska - single deckchair: 7.00 KM

Poli Open Air Cinema Gimnazijska - love seat: 10.00 KM

Youth Theater - all screenings: 5.00 KM

Vils Summer Screen - all screenings: FREE.

Ilidza Open Air - all screenings: FREE.

VAT is included in the ticket price

Entry to the paid screening is not possible only with accreditation, it is necessary to collect a movie ticket.


BOX OFFICE Centar: Square in front of the Sarajevo Youth Theater

Working hours

17.7.-22.7.2023. from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.




In case of rain, when the Festival organizer officially announces (through the official website, social networks) the screenings from the Poli Open Air Cinema Gimnazijska are moved to the Youth Theater, the screenings from the Vils Summer Screen are moved to the Children's House, and the screenings from the Ilidž Open Air are being moved to the Igman Cinema.

If it is announced that the screening will be moved to an indoor cinema before the start of the screening, the screening time will remain the same, and if it rains during the screening, the screening will continue in the closed cinema 30 minutes after the announcement about moving the screening.



• Entry to the screening is only possible with a ticket (including children regardless of age)

• All visitors must take their seats no later than 5 minutes before the start of the official program

• Entry to the cinema is not possible after the start of the official program

• In case of delay to the screening, we cannot guarantee you a free seat (refund and/or exchange of tickets is not possible)

• For all screenings, seats are not numbered

• During the projection, the use of image and sound recording devices (camera, camera and mobile devices) is prohibited.

• In the case of using video equipment, the festival staff has the right to remove the person using the previously mentioned equipment

• Pets are not allowed

• By purchasing tickets, you agree that you may be photographed and recorded without monetary compensation

• Inspection of visitors and their belongings will be done for their personal safety

• It is forbidden to bring bottles, cans and objects that could endanger the safety of visitors to the official Festival locations

• Films shown at the Festival may contain explicit scenes of sex or violence, and before purchasing a ticket, it is recommended to review the content of the film on our website, program or links posted on social networks.

• The Festival organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen items

• Falsification and falsification of tickets is strictly prohibited

• All tickets are issued according to the rules and regulations of the official festival locations and Festival organizers



A refund for the purchased ticket or exchange for a ticket for another screening in the same monetary amount is possible within 24 hours of the scheduled screening time, namely:

• In case the organizer publicly announces the cancellation of the planned screening

• When the start of the screening is delayed for more than 30 minutes without prior announcement about moving the start of the screening, in which case it is necessary to contact the Festival staff


By purchasing this ticket, you agree to the rules of conduct, terms of use and regulations of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival. Duplication, copying, resale or any misuse is prohibited. Any type of violation of the regulations will be reported to the police by the Festival.