Here you can find all about accreditations for 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, prices, rules and regulations and link to log in.

Welcome to the Accreditation  


Applications for accreditation to the 2023 Youth Film Festival Sarajevo can be made online from the beginning of May 2023.  The information on this page serves as a general orientation on the accreditation process. All details on OFF Accreditation are available on OFF Portal - Festival Service website powered by Filmchief.

As an industry professional, film student, high school student or filmmaker, you can apply for Festival Accreditation and/or I love OFF Accreditation. It is also possible to apply for Press Accreditation if you are Media representative or young photographer. Industry Accreditation at the moment are only available for OFF Pro Industry Days participants who are granted the industry badge.

Accreditation Types

Festival Accreditation grants holders the opportunity to attend festival screenings in every section – but not at all times or at every venue - as well as the public events in the OFF Pro public programme. Tickets for these events are free-of-charge but must be booked online. Access to the majority of the events is free of charge, but ticket must be taken on-line if it is not stated differently.  This accreditation is intended for students of film academies and film professionals, producers, distributors, but also representatives of companies and industries related to the film industry who want to use the Festival to establish new contacts and business opportunities.

Industry Accreditation grants full access to the OFF Pro Industry Days program and all related content to the industry days such as Sessions, industry screenings, Special Industry talks, parties, invitations for the events and receptions. This type of accreditation cannot be purchased, but rather granted by the Festival for those in OFF Pro program.

Programme Accreditation is granted by the Festival to the authors and crew members and guests, that have they films or series in official program of the Festival. This accreditation allows holders to attend all Festival screenings and events free and to use all Hospitality benefits based on their Guest category rules. Details of how to use the benefits of this accreditation is sent to their holders via email, prior to the Festival.

Press Accreditation grants media representatives to attend press conferences, panels, screenings and main events as such as Red Carpet press zone and all other press zones at the Festival. Through press portal, with issued accreditation, media representatives are granted forms to apply for individual interviews, shootings and press sessions with all guests and Festival representatives.


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On-Site Access

  Festival Accreditation Industry Accreditation I love OFF Accreditation Press Accreditation
Tickets for festival screenings      ✔(1)     ✔(1)    ✔(2) Entry with accreditation
Tickets for public talks of OFF Pro Industry Days Entry with accreditation
Access to Opening Ceremony Entry with accreditation
Access to Closing Ceremony Entry with accreditation
Access to OFF Talks Entry with accreditation
Access to Official OFF parties           ✔**            Entry with accreditation
Festival Square and Special Events at the Square Entry with accreditation
Invitations for Special Events Entry with accreditation


Industry Accreditation I Love OFF Accreditation  Press Accreditation
Price for the registration 50,00 BAM Not available 30,00 BAM Free
Deadline July 01, 2023 July 01, 2023 July 15, 2023

(1) Maximum 2 tickets per screening.

(2) Maximum 1 ticket per screening.

** If the party is not only available with invitations, and-or if the person is under the age of 18.