19-23. JULI 2022

OFF Talks/Blær Hinriksson

Blær Hinriksson is an Icelandic actor, born in 2001. He is known to the general public for his roles in the film "Heartstone" and "Beautiful Beings".

Blær Hinriksson presents himself at the 14th Sarajevo Youth Film Festival with two films, Heartstone and Beautiful Beings, which premiered at the 72nd Berlinale this year.

Blær Hinriksson was born in 2001. At the age of 14, he began his film career in a short film called Rainbowparty. He got his first real challenge in 2015 where he starred in the film “Heartstone” which won over a hundred international awards. Blær has won several international awards for his role in “Heartstone,” and also won for “The Eddan” for Best Leading Actor 2017 in Iceland. He has also starred in several short films, commercials and also works as a model.

A special reason for his arrival in Sarajevo is the award that will be presented to him for the best young actor of the 14th OFF.

As part of the OFF Talks program, Blær will answer questions about the two films he presents as part of OFF Generation Features and share his acting experiences from the set and from the world of acting.