24 - 29 JUL 2020


Neele Leana Vollmar

Njemačka / 120 min / Regional Premiere

Producers: Pantaleon Films GMBH, Dan Maag, Matthias Schweighöfer, Marco Beckmann, Kristina Löbbert

Cast: Damian Hardung, Max von der Groeben, Luna Wedler, Devrim Lingnau

DOP: Frank Lamm

Editor:  Ana de Mier y Ortuno


High-school graduation is just around the corner in a provincial town in 1980sGermany and 18-year-old Frieder has just attempted to kill himself. Staff on the psychiatric ward recommend he not move back in with his parents, and so he asks Höppner, his best friend from school, to move into his deceased grandfather’s empty house with him. For Höppner, this presents a welcome chance to get away from his detested step-father: and it’s for a good cause, too! Höppner’s friend Vera, who is regrettably a lot less into him than he is into her, prepares him for the immense responsibility this move will entail. No more going out, ever, without running the risk of returning to find Frieder’s dead body in the house. So Höppner comes up with an idea: the more people move in, the more people there are to share the responsibility. The prospect of complete freedom and independence is so enticing that Vera and the spoiled, ambitious Cäcilia join Höppner and move in. This kicks off the best winter of their lives at the AUERHAUS! “Auerhaus” is what their neighbors dubbed it, since they don’t understand English and Madness’ hit 

“Our House” keeps blasting from inside. But all the fun isn’t enough to dissipate the cloud that’s been hanging over their move. Sharing a house with a suicidal teenager is far too heavy a burden to bear for a bunch of adolescents and the constant fear that Frieder can always just “up and try it again if necessary” stubbornly eats away at their happiness and good cheer. With the arrival of the beautiful pyromaniac Pauline and the eccentric, bisexual Harry, this strange house-share of misfits is finally complete. Given the immensity of their responsibility, however, the friends proceed to act ever more irresponsibly. The excess finally goes out of control... and the Auerhaus seems beyond saving...